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Turbo Chef oven IR set temp problem

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Here are the directions for setting your IR set temperatire on your NGC Turbo Chef oven

**This is specific to the ovens used by Dunkin Donuts and Subway ** NGC model only

***This will be nedded when you oven has given you the message "Heating" and does not ever heat up.

the set temperature should be 1000 degrees, but when there is a power loss with out shutting off the oven, it is possible for the set temp to change on its own.

There will be a video added to this shortly that will give you step by step directions on how to reset your IR set temperature.

  1. Go to the "Oven off screen" by pressing the "back" button
  2. Press the "back" and "Enter" button at the same time
  3. Type in code"WHAT" (9428)
  4. Press the page down button to get to the 2nd screen
  5. Press button next to "IR SI" **If curser does not start blinking under the temperature displayed in the top right of screen you may need to press the IR SI button a 2nd time
  6. type in the number "1000"
  7. Press "Enter" button
  8. Return to "Oven Off" screen by pressing "Back" button a few times
  9. Turn oven back on , wait for "Oven Ready"

If oven fails to get to the "Ready" screen in 10-15 min please call for service.